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Launching Ipsos Karian and Box International

One year on since our acquisition, Ipsos Karian and Box is launching a new international division with dedicated Chief Executive.

Hybrid Working: The never-ending search for the right approach

Leaders want to see more people return to the office but employees are expecting greater flexibility, so what’s the solution?

The great resignation: fake news? What the data says about the real-world trends behind the headlines

The headlines say the effects of the pandemic have employees hungering for a ‘change of lifestyle’ – threatening to leave employers high and dry.

Inform action on: Job crafting

The pandemic created the biggest work experiment to ever take place, giving employees the opportunity to adopt flexible working.

Inclusion: From Measurement to Meaningful Action

Answering two questions: How do we measure how inclusive our organisations are? How do we make our organisations more inclusive?

Five topics on the agenda for communications professionals in 2022

Insights from the Communications Directors' Forum

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