Launching Ipsos Karian and Box International

Posted: 16-11-2022

One year on since our acquisition, Ipsos Karian and Box is launching a new international division with dedicated Chief Executive.

In October 2021, Karian and Box became a part of the global Ipsos network – mutually strengthening our organisation and the employee experience offering of the world’s third largest market research organisation.

Fast-forward to November 2022 and we have already seen the benefits of joining forces, as our data-led approach to employee experience reaches new markets and is bolstered by access to the latest resources, worldwide business insight and topical trends research.

Launching Ipsos Karian and Box International

The next step in our long-term strategy is to create an area of our business focused purely on international growth – building on our success in countries such as Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the US and allowing us to work more seamlessly with our multinational and non-UK clients.

To lead our international strategy, we’re pleased to announce that James Tarbit has been appointed Chief Executive of Ipsos Karian and Box International (Ghassan Karian will remain CEO of Ipsos Karian and Box).

This role is an evolution for James, who has been a pivotal member of Ipsos Karian and Box’s Executive team for five years. He continues to be a strategic advisor to boards, CEOs and senior management on employee experience research.

James Tarbit said:

My aim is to shape an ambitious yet sustainable strategy for global growth, looking at how we adapt our employee experience solutions and operating model for international success. I look forward to taking the lessons we’ve learned from partnering with many of the UK’s biggest brands and applying them on a wider stage, bringing the benefits of our approach to employees the world-over.

Ipsos Karian and Box’s mission is to create positive work environments where people and business thrive. Does this sound like a mission you could get behind? We’re looking for talented minds to join us at this exciting time, view our Careers page for jobs available.


Launching Ipsos Karian and Box International
Ipsos Karian and Box

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