Hybrid Working: The never-ending search for the right approach

Posted: 07-10-2022



Leaders want to see more people return to the office but employees are expecting greater flexibility, so what’s the solution?


At Ipsos Karian and Box, we’ve analysed more than half a million survey responses from employees in 95 countries since the start of the pandemic, revealing that there is an ongoing conflict between employers and their employees over office working.

In this report, we:

  • Reveal five new findings on hybrid working
  • Advise on what leaders need to know to make a call on the future of ways of working
  • Provide a practical framework and a checklist that will help you plan the approach best suited to your organisation - ultimately helping set your teams up for success in sustaining hybrid working.

Download Hybrid Working: The never-ending search for the right approach




About the research

The research in this report comes from a combined study of 542,423 responses to online surveys conducted by Ipsos Karian and Box in 95 countries taking place between January 2020 and July 2022. The studies:

  • Employee experience studies conducted by Ipsos Karian and Box on behalf of 14 client organisations from across multiple sectors. Online surveys took place between January 2020 and July 2022. The data is unweighted by sector.
  • Online ‘HR and EX Trends Survey’ conducted online by Ipsos Karian and Box with 415 HR leaders working globally in July 2022.


Hybrid Working: The never-ending search for the right approach
Ghassan Karian


Ghassan’s two latest guides provide organisations with actionable insights on The Great Resignation: analysing employee attrition data to find the truth behind the headlines and Organisational change: managing the impact on employee engagement and culture.

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