The great resignation: fake news? What the data says about the real-world trends behind the headlines

Posted: 22-03-2022



According to the headlines, the effects of the pandemic have employees hungering for a ‘change of lifestyle’ – a hunger that threatens to leave employers high and dry. Rising employee attrition rates seem to corroborate this fear, but is there a less sensationalist explanation?


At Karian and Box, we have analysed data from 2.5 million employees – spanning the globe and six major sectors – to determine whether a ‘great resignation’ is really on the horizon.

In this article, you’ll find a summary of our most recent employee attrition data (as of February 2022) evidencing that the current rise in employee attrition is far from unprecedented. What news outlets have attributed to a mass cultural shift seems more like a natural rebalancing after a rather anomalous two years.

To see the real story behind the numbers, download The great resignation: fake news? today. 


The great resignation: fake news? What the data says about the real-world trends behind the headlines
Ghassan Karian


Ghassan’s two latest guides provide organisations with actionable insights on The Great Resignation: analysing employee attrition data to find the truth behind the headlines and Organisational change: managing the impact on employee engagement and culture.

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