InformAction pack: new ways of working

Posted: 15-04-2021



The future may be hybrid for many of us, but what does that mean in reality? How can you use the insight and inside stories from our ‘New ways of working’ report to inform the action you take to create inclusive workplaces and work cultures?


This pack includes three practical tools to help guide your thinking about the future of work. It’s not exhaustive, but provides some great conversation starters:

  • Take a step back – Hybrid working diagnostic to help you think about any adaptations needed throughout the end-to-end employee lifecycle.
  • Share a clear vision – Hybrid working narrative template and comms plan to help guide your ongoing communications.
  • Involve and disrupt – Hybrid working hackathon template to help you involve employees in tackling some of the new (and old) workplace challenges.


We hope you find it useful and would love to hear about your experiences and ideas you can share with us directly by emailing or share them with our community by using #nwowreport on LinkedIn or Twitter.


InformAction pack: new ways of working
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