IC UK 2021 - The most comprehensive study of UK employees’ communications and engagement preferences | Report

Posted: 14-01-2021



The most comprehensive study of UK employees’ communications and engagement preferences


While most internal communications studies take the perspective of the IC professional or practitioner, this report primarily focuses on the view of the end-user – your employees.

Almost 900,000 UK employees shared their views as part of this research. The findings provide actionable insight that can be used to boost advocacy and engagement – even in our remote working world.

The report covers:

  • Communications volume, clarity, timeliness and tone of voice
  • Levels of employee understanding and belief in an organisation’s priorities
  • What types of information employees are receiving vs what they want
  • Leadership visibility and impact
  • Regularity and quality of team manager communications
  • Channels most commonly relied up vs wanted by employees
  • Differential use and preference of internal and external social media


We hope you find this report valuable in planning for 2021 and beyond.


IC UK 2021 - The most comprehensive study of UK employees’ communications and engagement preferences
Karian and Box

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