Susanna Holten

Principal Consultant

Susanna Holten - Principal Consultant

Susanna Holten

Principal Consultant

  • My role in a nutshell…
    I lead a team of internal communication and behaviour change consultants – and also support our clients in a range of sectors with all sorts of challenges. On any given day, I’ll be involved in everything from internal communications audits through to strategic advisory or developing a campaign with our creative team. I often get the opportunity to get involved in our external thought leadership, which is a real passion of mine. 

  • The favourite part of my job…
    The people! We’ve got a great team here at Ipsos Karian and Box and I know I’ve always got a great day of great interactions ahead of me, regardless of if I’m in the office or working remotely.

    More broadly, what I really enjoy about consultancy is the problem-solving element. It’s really rewarding when you have that lightbulb moment.

  • A typical day…
    No day is like the other in the consulting team. Sometimes it’s all focus time – being immersed in problem solving or writing. Other days, it’s all about clients – meetings, workshops or even focus groups. And there’s a fair share of external work too, where I represent the company in webinars, engage on social media or pitch to new clients.

  • A personal insight…
    What we do, as a collective, at Ipsos Karian and Box really is improving the world of work. I feel proud to work somewhere that really advocates the employee voice – because ultimately, that’s what will help shape brilliant employee experiences.

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